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Volkswagen thrives because it consistently delivers standout new cars & SUVs. The features and performance found in models like the XC40 SUV or the Golf GTI sedan draw enthusiastic responses from buyers. When buyers become owners, they need to show enthusiasm for Volkswagen maintenance. Staying current with routine service could extend the vehicle's lifespan and enhance performance. Central Volkswagen wants to help Volkswagen owners get all necessary work done on time.

Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, and Brake Inspections

A Volkswagen's owner's manual lists all the necessary maintenance required and the corresponding mileage points. Oil and filter changes might be the most basic of services, serving a vital purpose. Clean motor oil lubricates the engine and helps with performance.

Tire rotations keep the treads from wearing out too soon and unevenly. Tire rotation time lets technicians inspect the tires for defects. If anything's wrong, buying new tires might solve the problem.

Brakes suffer wear and tear from use and friction. Inspecting and replacing worn brake parts should be a priority for all vehicle owners. Our Plainfield, CT team could handle such work upon request.

Other Essential Volkswagen Services

Wheels could end up knocked out of alignment without the driver even noticing. Measuring the wheel angles provides technicians with an answer to whether or not a wheel alignment is necessary. With a wheel alignment, performance and tire life may improve.

Checking the various fluids reveals if they are low or old. Transmission, cooling, and brake fluid require changing at some point. Why not sooner rather than later?

Windshield wipers don't last forever and replacing them at the right time could boost safety. And how about the battery? Maybe it needs a test and a cleaning.

No matter what work your Volkswagen requires, our Plainfield, CT team is up for the job with genuine Volkswagen parts. Book an appointment right away.


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