Start your journey.
Purchasing a car is an exciting milestone. Especially when it's a Volkswagen. Experience it for yourself with our First Time Buyer Program- it's designed to help buyers who do not have an established automotive credit history. 

Eligible vehicles: 
• New and untitled Volkswagen vehicles 
• Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen vehicles 
• Pre-Owned Volkswagen vehicles

A special program to get you behind the wheel.
The First Time Buyer Program is available to U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents who have never had automotive credit. Credit history is not required, but existing credit must be in good standing without previous derogatory credit. Applicants must receive credit approval from Volkswagen Credit. Minimum Visit your nearest Volkswagen Dealership today for more details.

What to bring to the Dealership.
† A copy of proof of income and minimum one year of verifiable full-time employment with current
employer with income commensurate with all financial obligations
† A contact name and phone number within the Payroll or Human Resources Department of the applicant's employer
† Documentation to verify your address and phone number
† Copy of the applicant's United States Social Security card
† Two complete personal references (including the address and the phone number) who reside in the U.S. and whom Volkswagen Credit can contact directly - one must be from a relative

Take pride in ownership.
Purchase your vehicle and make payments for it over a selected term. At the end of that term, the car is yours.
• Ability to own for life of the vehicle and build equity
• No end-of-lease obligations, such as excess wear and tear
• No vehicle customization limits or mileage restrictions
• Competitive rates and flexible terms from Volkswagen Credit

*Restrictions may apply. See dealer for details.